Video Marketing on Social Media

Video is the #1 preferred method of media consumption today. Social Media is where consumers spend their leisure time. So it makes sense to use video marketing on social media platforms as a way to reach and engage your target audience where they are already hanging out.

There’s no better way to increase the know-like-trust factor than to connect with your followers in the most personal way possible. With video, your personality can shine. Viewers react to mannerisms and tone of voice, and can truly gain a sense of personal connection. When people feel a connection, they know you, and that builds trust. With that, they feel far more comfortable reaching out.

Video Marketing offers an array of options when it comes to presenting content to promote your brand. Here are just a few ideas.

  • Informational videos

  • Product demonstrations

  • Behind-the-scenes

  • Explainer videos

  • Company culture video

  • Video tutorials

  • Interviews

  • Tell a story

  • Tips and tricks

  • Video documentaries

  • Q&A sessions

  • Video testimonials

  • Public service announcement

  • Video email

Video Marketing Packages to Fit Your Budget

High quality, affordable video production will set your brand apart from the competition.

Optional Video Marketing Extras


Interested in extra footage to highlight additional offerings or offer a broader perspective? From B-roll to extra interviews, or drone footage, we'll spend extra time to capture the full story behind your brand to satisfy your content marketing plan.

CAMERA (4 hours) …$450
CAMERA (full day) …$750

DRONE (4 hours) … $400
DRONE (8 hours) … $700


Do you have existing footage of special events or marketing material already on-hand? Our post-production video editing services will reinvigorate and repurpose your existing video without starting at square one.

  • One 15-Sec Spot … $100
  • Eight 15-Sec Spots … $425

  • One 30-Sec Spot … $150
  • Six 30-Sec Spots … $625

  • One 1-Min Spot … $225
  • Four 1-Min Spots … $625