Frequently Asked Questions

We love helping our clients by establishing the best social media presence possible. Each project is managed with the highest level of attention and care. We understand that every business is unique, so we create custom content for each client to implement a marketing strategy based on their specific goals.

If you have questions that aren’t addressed here, feel free to reach out to Karen by phone at (860) 634-3836 or email at

Once you select your plan and checkout, you will be invited to complete a detailed questionnaire about your business and branding, what you do and who you serve. We ask these questions to gain an understanding of your target audience and what they care about.  On top of that, we research your competitors.  This all helps to get us up to speed so that  our brand managers will craft content in a tone and voice that is designed to attract new fans and followers to your brand.

Once we have assembled a few weeks of content on a calendar, we invite you to review, edit and provide feedback on posts through an online collaboration tool. This way, we work with you to ensure we 

No. We have access to stock photography, design and animation software, and relevant news sources. However, if you have photos, video, or specific messaging you would like to include in your posts, we are happy to use it. In fact, mixing in content that is unique to your business will improve your overall channel performance!

We will gladly set up a Facebook event, post an offer, or post and manage job postings on your behalf. If you want additional services for Social Media Advertising (such as Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn ads) to expand your reach for a month (or more), we can help with that too!

Of course! You will still have full access to your Social Media profiles, and it’s absolutely fine if you want to post as well.

Content will be posted on your Social Media channels starting in just 7 business days.

Karen Etchells oversees a team of social media savvy Brand Managers. Each one has expertise in marketing and social media. Karen’s team is local to her and your Brand Manager has been personally selected to work on your account.

Social Media Marketing builds momentum over time with consistency. While it is entirely possible for followers to reach out to you immediately, typically it takes time (a few months) to grow the know-like-trust factor that comes with familiarity. Maintaining a steady flow of quality content that your target audience responds to will establish top-of-mind awareness for your brand. That’s when your leads will come in steadily. When the need arises for the product or service you provide, your followers will think of you first.